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I am Engaged but Can you Help me?

Mis à jour : 7 sept. 2019

Congrats!! you are engaged, or expecting that ring, or still dreaming about your dream man or future wedding! Regardless you will be planning your wedding at some point and if you are like me you knew since age15 exactly what you want to wear on your special day, where you want your wedding and who you want in your wedding party. Well if that is all it took to plan a wedding then life will be much easier than it is now. But no, there is so much more to it, so you need to ASK FOR HELP! Funny thing is a wedding/marriage is one of the few things a lot of people are first timers at so you really have no clue what it entails or what to do after you accept the proposal so you need to ask!

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying don't plan your own wedding, of course you should because its a once in a lifetime, amazing experience and only you know your 'vision' and how you want everything to go but ask for help, recommendations, suggestions and be a good listener, its important! The planning and prepping period will test your relationship with your family, friends and even your significant other so be ready to accept the help!. And before you take it out on them take a deep breath, bite your tongue and remember you need them, it works! You can yell at everyone after the wedding!

So who do I ask? Good question, anyone who is married is a good candidate if they 'invested' in a wedding, or use google to do your research,(If you didn't budget for a planner) but ideally find you a planner who can point you in the right direction! Read more on why I need a planner (

But what is there to ask? I know what I want and I bought a wedding planning book! Yes I know you do but do you know the venues and their hidden fees, the good vendors, the money saving hacks, the Etsy DIY link, or the amazon prime service? BRACE YOURSELF FRIEND, It gets real pretty quick and before you know it the world is spinning and everything looks multicolored in your eyes because you don't know where to start from. As I said you have never done this before, its your first time so it will help if you listen.

DISCLAIMER: It’s your day, your choice, this is just my ✌🏾cents from experience and being a boss planner :)

-The Boss Planner