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The Proposal: Say yes to the Ring(man)

Mis à jour : 5 déc. 2019

It’s the most wonderful month of the year! Aside from the Christmas festivities lots of men will be popping the question this month and in the new year and that means they are freaking out about planning a proposal and finding the perfect rings for their women. The pressure is on; will she have her nails done, will the proposal/engagement and the ring be ‘perfect? Honestly, does the ring matter?

This is a personal decision based on how well you know your significant other and what you two have discussed previously. There are couples who ring shop while dating to find the perfect ring and that makes it easy on the men because they just have to go back to the jewelry store when they are ready to propose, there are some ladies who send pictures of rings to their men so they have an ‘idea’ of the rock they want and there are also the men who take it upon themselves to surprise their women by ring shopping on their own, with her best friend or with a planner so they can get some ideas before making the big purchase.

Most men have the tendency to please their women if it means saving up to buy them the expensive ring they want. Even if at the time of the engagement he doesn’t get a perfect one it doesn’t mean he cares less or did not put any thought into it but rather becoming his life partner means more to him than a ring. As a matter of fact, he loves the ring he picked out and that’s what he wants to see on your finger. A lot of couples go ring shopping again after the proposal for rings that they actually want while keeping the engagement ring till the big day. This is good for women who want to have a say in what they wear on their fingers.

Some people are very particular about rock sizes and others just don’t care and this is why it is important to have the ring conversation with your partner before proposing so that you don’t turn the day which was meant to be the happiest day into a sad one because of rock size. Everybody likes nice things which come and go all the time so if you are like me, every time a new style, cut or stone catches my eye I have to change the ring lolol but we learn to be content and appreciate the gesture and most importantly enjoy our life partners. Every planner will tell you to enjoy your engagement, don’t be in a hurry to plan a wedding (hire a planner), spend time admiring your ring and showing it off because you are about to be off the market, it will help you focus more on loving your man!

So does the ring really matter? I say the Ringman matters more!

DISCLAIMER: It’s your day, your choice, this is just my ✌🏾cents from experience and being a boss planner :)

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