• Ms. A

The Wedding Cost: Who's Paying?

One piece of advice you have probably heard is 'the wedding is just a day but you still have a lifetime to go so don't waste money before you begin your life together!'In other words your day can be luxurious, elegant, sophisticated, classy and also affordable.

So unless you are a millionaire, paying for a wedding of your dreams can be pocket draining whether you are ready or not and that alone will have you contemplating a court wedding option every-time you think about the wedding lol. At some point you will forget what you have paid and what you haven't paid for, don't worry its just your brain attempting not to explode, its normal!

First things first, you bought a wedding planning journal and put a number for your budget section but realistically it will take you about 4 years to come up with that money because you still live in the real world and have regular bills to pay (side note, the wedding is in 12 months or less)! So really, how do people do this without setting up a Go fund me ? Do I need a loan? Because the venue is asking for a million dollars, the vendors want you to sell your soul, your perfect dress needs to come from the sky and to be honest you are still questioning if your partner is the one lololol! Everything has to be near perfect. What do you do?

BUDGETING WITHIN YOUR MEANS is the trick, you are probably thinking "she must be joking, its my wedding and I can spend" well I'm not, it works! As much as its your decision to spend, you can also decide to spend wisely. Often times when you get engaged a lot of people especially parents offer to chip in to help you and your partner. Those gestures are life saving as long as you know what you need and can find ways to cut back on things you want. At this point creating a Pinterest board with your ideas is a good way to go because those extravagant instagram wedding posts are just for admiration.

So back to the wedding planning book, you made a list of all the things you need so this is the perfect time to ask them how they can help and apportion the needs amongst those willing to help, every little contribution adds up. If you don't need their help too, its okay to politely tell them you got it (but really who doesn't?). Make sure you budget for a coordinator, if not a planner you will need it, thank me later.

When it comes to wedding planning there is no right or wrong way to do it but there is always a better way to keep you sane and less stressed over your expenses. You will realize this budgeting decision will carry on into all aspects of the planning process and not only will you have the wedding of your dreams you will have some money left over to begin your forever.

DISCLAIMER: It’s your day, your choice, this is just my ✌🏾cents from experience and being a boss planner :)

-The Boss Planner