• Ms. A

To Give Or Not To Give? That is the Question!!

Some call them favors, souvenirs, or simply gifts, whatever name you have for them, is it necessary to give anything to your guests when they attend your wedding? Shouldn't it be the other way around? What is the gifting rule?

Either way its your decision! Its your wedding and anything you decide to do is OKAY, no questions asked.

Think about, its your wedding day, you have spent sooo much money for the perfect day and you are the one about to start a new life. So who needs gifts? lol My answer is we all do (if your budget can accommodate it) and if you are like others, receiving an invitation is a gift on its own, thank you very much 'snap' 'snap' lol. Ideally its a nice gesture and your guests will always think of you when they see the favor in their home, but the struggle can be what to give as a wedding favor/gift.

A few tips: talk to your partner about favors, figure out your budget for favors, decide which favors will have meaning, ask your planner for suggestions and then taa daa you are all set. Gone are the days when people received favors only when they gave parcels/cards to the couple! NO MORE now its an Oprah spree, 'you get a favor', 'you get a favor', 'everybody gets favors'.

Oh and BTW if you are attending a friend's wedding be kind and visit their registry or stop by the gift table, it goes a long way. Don't be that guest who complains of flying in,booking a hotel or renting a car so it all adds up! Hunny, you showed up because you love your friend so just do it!

DISCLAIMER: It’s your day, your choice, this is just my ✌🏾cents from experience and being a boss planner :)

-The Boss Planner