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About Me...

I needed a name that will represent the BOSS PLANNER that I am and what I am about, which is giving my clients the full effect of an amazing day, hence the name ‘Phuliffects Events’.

There is just something special about how I handle wedding planning, it's different; it’s a blessing I can’t really explain. I am passionate about working with people, especially those whom I can serve and support and I have a  unique ability to make your day amazingly successful, leaving you speechless and happy.  I invest my time in giving my clients breath-taking, life-changing experiences, and building lasting relationships. My team shows up and gets the job done no matter how far along you are in the planning process and still blow your mind away without a doubt! Every couple/ client’s happiness and satisfaction mean everything because they have the power to hire and fire as they wish but with us, they say ‘Phuliffects is definitely one of a kind’. For us, a successful event begins with our perfect plan!


-Akua D

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My life saver and Angel!! I used to think I was a very particular, well-organized person until I met Akua. I was referred to her last minute because I thought I had my wedding under control. Her organization skill is out of this world. She kept telling me 'its what you don't know that gets you'. This wonderful lady made time to work with me all the way through the planning process until I drove away in my car with my husband on our wedding night. She is God sent and she really makes it happen. Thank you, Ms. A

- Lauren

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