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What our Clients are saying!

Akua is by far one of the best planners I have met. She is fun, full of energy and very respectful, most Importantly she gets the job done well. My husband and I are very grateful to her and her team for all their hard work. I am definitely calling her for the baby shower.

Nancy W

Akua had the patience of a saint and treated my wedding and concerns with the utmost care but at the same time wasn't too serious. We had a lot of fun together and most importantly she was incredibly organized and took a huge weight off of my shoulders. The day-of, I LOVED that Akua was really the only person I had to talk to. She had everything under control so I could enjoy my gorgeous day, I can't stop raving about how awesome she is.


Laura V

Words cannot begin to express my gratitude for Linda. You are so detailed oriented, extremely patient, very understanding and such a lovely person, with such an upbeat spirit and always has a lovely smile on your face. You handled both our traditional engagement and white wedding with such professionalism and made sure we had absolutely nothing to worry about. Thank you for keeping us sane and at ease on one of the biggest and important days.. If you are an African(Ghanaian) you will understand what I mean lol. I love how you were my advisor throughout the engagement and wedding planning process and I appreciated having you to consult for guidance and feedback during a stressful time, it was definitely less stressful with your help and expertise. We were so surprised and completely blow away with the traditional engagement decor and how wonderful the day was. I can go on and on about Linda’s work because of how too notch it is, So If you are looking for an extremely diligent, organized, and professional wedding day coordinator with a passion for her clients, then I would strongly encourage you to contact Linda Darko. She is the BEST!!!!

Keren K

I loved everything about this lady and her team. She became a sister after our first meeting and I knew I could trust her to make my day a success. She was consistent, punctual and met all deadlines even after I made several changes on the day off and vendors, they still worked with me and made it happen. Thank you Phuliffects and Ms. A you are a gem.

Seline B

What can we say, she is a planner and more. We love her work and my wife would not stop talking about how good the wedding was during our honeymoon. Akua is worth it and more and I would recommend her to my friends getting married anytime. Very professional and knows what she is about and you will not regret ever hiring her and her team. After our first meeting, we weren't sure if we could afford her because it was not in our budget to hire a planner but then she effortlessly calmed the storm and proved her worth. Her passion and dedication to her work are amazing.



Gerald and Maggie

Linda is really one of a kind and impressive planner. From our first conversation to the end of our big day we had no regrets and she made our special day worthwhile. I can't thank her enough, she handled everything including transactions and other vendors so well plus it was not about the money for her. She was so professional, fun to have around and knew just what to say and when to say it. I had no worries or complaints the whole time because of how awesome she and her team were. I would recommend her over and over, Everyone is talking and praising your great work. Linda (Akua) you are officially a sister, no long things, Kwame and I are forever grateful and could do this with you over and over again. We love you! Go book her guys, best planner ever!!

Lovett J

Phuliffects made our day memorable and wonderful by being extremely professional, organized and creative working with your budget to give your wedding the best service and organization possible. I am still getting compliments on how wonderful our day was!

Ruth T

I will even give more stars if there are more. Phuliffects Event made our day memorable and people are still talking about it after the wedding. We worked with Akua who the planner, who took over the planning just one month before the wedding and she did an excellent job. She is very polite, organized and out of the box thinker. She goes above and beyond for your day to be a memorable day. We liked how calm she was with every situation concerning the wedding. I will make sure all my sisters and cousins use this event planner. I strongly recommend them for your events.

Ben M

My life saver and Angel!! I used to think I was a very particular, well-organized person until I met Akua. I was referred to her last minute because I thought I had my wedding under control. Her organization skill is out of this world. She kept telling me 'its what you don't know that gets you'. This wonderful lady made time to work with me all the way through the planning process until I drove away in my car with my husband on our wedding night. She is God sent and she really makes it happen. Thank you, Ms. A


I am so happy I had the privilege of using PhuliffectsEvents for my wedding. Everything was done with professionalism. If I had a thought in the middle of the night I would reach out and get a response ASAP. I would recommend PhuliffectsEvents to any bride and groom. You won't be disappointed. FYI people still come to be three months after my wedding to tell me how great my wedding was. Thanks to PhuliffectsEvents I couldn't have pulled it off on my own. 


I could not have imagined a better day of coordinating service! We were on the fence about getting a day-of coordinator, or just doing it ourselves. I am a very Type A person and thought that I would easily be organized enough to not need a day-of coordinator, but I’m so glad we had one! Linda was incredible! Even before the wedding she was making timelines and contacting vendors to ensure that everything was ready for our big day :-). Being the Type A person that I am I also put together timelines and instructions for each of the vendors, and Linda made sure that they were read and followed perfectly! On the day off in addition to making sure that all of our family members and vendors were doing the right things at the right time, she was able to anticipate all of my needs and was there to address them. Starting in the morning when I was getting ready and going through the reception in the evening Linda was amazing! I don’t know what we would have done without her! Your wedding is such a special day, and even with everyone’s help it will go by so fast and you may miss things. It is definitely worth it to have a day of coordinator there!! We had a fairly inexpensive wedding, and having Linda there to keep everything running smoothly was invaluable! Thank you!!!

Tyler K

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